Jewellery Care

How To Care For Your Jewellery

Your jewellery is precious, and proper care will ensure a lifetime of brilliance and sparkle. See our tips below to learn how to care for fine Jewellery.

  • Outhouse Jewellery is special and all hand-crafted in our workshops.
  • Your Jewellery should be stored in a dry place away from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Rings and bracelets should be worn sparingly to avoid damage through impact.
  • Don´t forget to remove your rings when washing up or showering, as soap particles may become lodged in stone settings and crevices. Soaps can also leave a film over metal and stones, creating a dull appearance.
  • Store your Jewellery in its own box or pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and entanglement.
  • Gentle rubbing with a silver cleaning cloth will restore the original brilliance of the surface.
  • Do not use liquid cleaners for carved silver Jewellery as the liquid dries into the engraving.
  • If you wear your gold plated silver Jewellery for significant periods of time, the plating will eventually wear down. To restore its appearance, you can have it re-plated.
  • Make sure your Jewellery is not in regular contact with hard surfaces, which will scratch or wear down the plating or enamelling.
  • Never use detergent, soap, toothpaste etc to clean your gold plated Jewellery.
  • When dressing, jewellery should always be put on last as make up, cosmetics and perfumes can cause damage to delicate items.
  • All stone Jewellery requires extra care and consideration during wearing to protect the setting as well as to safeguard the diamond or gemstone it holds.

About Sterling Silver

  • Sterling silver is a metal containing at least 92.5% silver. This is the legal standard of purity set and used for most silver jewelry throughout the world.
  • It Indicates that the metal used is of a specific quality. Pure silver is never used, as it is too soft to be practical.
  • Reasons of Silver Jewellery being tarnished
  • Normally Sterling Silver Jewellery is made up of 92.5% of Silver and balance of other metals . Other metals usually be copper which come across the air pollution and become tarnished which fade its polish.
  • One should take care that their silver Jewellery does not come across any perfumes, hair spray, body lotion, Body Spray, Cosmetics this make silver Tarnishes so it may turn black.
  • The best solution to all this problem is to Keep your silver Jewelry the way it is deliver to you.

Additional Care

  • Silver has the property of being Black.
  • After taking all the above-mentioned care you can.
  • Take the help of professional Jewellery Cleaner.
  • Do not bath, Swim with silver jewellery this will tarnish your jewelry easily Dry your jewellery if anything such accurs.
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